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We offer TOPIMO Road signs at a low price with a 5-year warranty. 

Our products: Completely new signs, Warning signs, Right-of-way and overtaking signs, Prohibition and restriction signs, Mandatory signs, Regulatory signs, Guidance signs, Service points, Additional plates, Other signs. Also ask about volume discounts. Freight is billed separately. Request an offer!

General sizes of traffic signs

- Triangular 900 mm, small size 600 mm

- Circular 640 mm, small size 400 mm

- Square 600 x 600 mm, small size 400 x 400 mm

Film types of road signs

- is divided into classes R1, R2 and R3, the higher the number, the better the reflectivity.

CE-marked traffic signs

- must always be ordered with CE-approved fasteners. The size is determined by the outside diameter of the riser pipe.

The R2 reflective film must be at least on the following traffic signs

A Warning signs

- A15 Guardrail advance warning, A16 Pedestrians, A17 Children, A18 Cyclists

B Right-of-way and yield signs

- All signs of the B series

C Prohibition and restriction signs

- C32 Speed limit, C34 Speed limit area

D Prescriptive markers

- D1, D2, D3, D10, D11 series brands

E Rule signs

- E1 Crosswalk

Road construction sites

- where there are more than 1500 cars per day, the yellow-based traffic signs must be R3 and the others R2 from the reflective film.

Signs above the carriageway

- must be R3 from the reflective film.