MF01 Antispray Tapes
MF01 Antispray Tapes MF01 Antispray Tapes MF01 Antispray Tapes

MF01 Antispray Tapes

Available in eight different widths. Price is a starting price.

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MF01 Antispray Tapes
Antispray Tape is an aluminum/glass cloth jacketing system designed to prevent the flammable spray of oils and other dangerous substances.

The Mareflex MF01 anti-splashing tape was designed with the aim of protecting pipeline installations against leakage in accordance with the latest SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2001, Regulation II-2/ and the previous SOLAS Consolidated Edition 1997, Regulation II-2/15.2.9/.10/.11/.12 (see details). The flammable substance once it comes into contact with a hot surface may be the cause of fire. According to the Solas Regulations the tape has been designed to protect pipe flanges and fittings in oil pipe systems against the uncontrolled oil spraying and leakages. The MF01 tape directs any potential leakage to areas where the hot substance will not be dangerous. See the official interpretation of the above regulation.

Antispray MF01 is available in format of various size tapes, in all versions equipped with an adhesive layer to ensure easy installation.

Mareflex MF01 is enhanced with a fire-retardant (self-extinguisihing) adhesive layer for further enhancing the safety standards. The self-adhesive layer is extremely strong and water resistant.

Mareflex MF01 is produced using the materials of the highest quality selected in such a way as to ensure the best protection against high pressure, high temperature while maintaining the elasticity necessary for a quick and easy installation.

Anti-Spray Tape layers:
- high-performance fiberglass fabric, additionally impregnated for higher pressure resistance
- the specially developed for this products fire retardant adhesive material gives additional protection against the fire danger
- additional fiberglass mesh increasing the flexibility and making the installation easier

Colour: silver (with orange print)
Thickness (without release liner): 410 micrometers (without release liner)
Temperature range: up to 150°C
Shelf life: Indefinite shelf life when properly stored
Tensile strength: 1167 ± 50 N/50 mm acc. to EN-ISO 1421:2001
137 lbs/inch acc. to ASTM-882
Adhesion to steel: 49 ± 4 N/50 mm acc. to EN-ISO 2411:2002
5,49 lbs/inch acc. to ASTM-3330

Material should be stored in a dry and cool area. It is recommended to store the rolls in the original packaging. Mareflex provides the tapes in ready-to-sell, separate, cartoon boxes with English instruction inside.



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