AS-63 NoRust Zinc Tapes
AS-63 NoRust Zinc Tapes AS-63 NoRust Zinc Tapes AS-63 NoRust Zinc Tapes

AS-63 NoRust Zinc Tapes

Versatile and easily applied corrosion control coating system that protects structures from rust.

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AS-63 NoRust Zinc Tapes
Versatile and easily applied corrosion control coating system that protects structures from rust.

NoRust Zinc tape installation NoRust Zinc Anti-corrosive Tape is a flexible and self-adhesive material composed of the high pureness mass of zinc, special adhesive layer and release liner. It has been designed to ensure anti-corrosive protection for metal elements made of steel, iron and light alloys. The adhesive layer of the NoRust Zinc Tape has a special composition of the glue and the zinc powder which results in the electro-conductive properties. It ensures that the zinc has a permanent electrical contact with the protected metal.

Zinc tape consists of 3 layers:
• zinc
• pressure sensitive adhesive
• release paper
Adhesive layer is additionally filled with zinc particles.

Zinc is more electrochemically active than iron. When you cover steel with zinc tape, the zinc will serve as the anode for the steel. This prevents the formation of small anodic and cathodic regions on the surface of the metal, which significantly reduces the development and spreading of corrosion.

Zinc also acts as a sacrificial coating, it will always tarnish and corrode first. This differs significantly from coatings that consist of materials such as paint or aluminum where the corroding steel undercuts the coating over time and reduces its effectiveness.

The clean application form and easy installation are the main reasons of wide range of use for the zinc anti-corrosive tapes. They are used in the production facilities like refineries and petrochemical plants where difficult environmental conditions create high risk of the corrosion. Zinc Tapes are good alternative in the areas where traditional methods – like anticorrosive painting – cannot be performed due to the impossibility of the proper surface preparation like sandblasting.

Zinc Tapes are the good method of the protecting the connections of the light alloys and steel materials which is a frequent issue in the automotive and train industry . The contact point of the light alloy and steel is often subjected to the corrosion. Installing NoRust Zinc Tape between these two layers eliminates risk of the corrosion.

NoRust Zinc Tape offers double protection:
• Passive protection – as zinc layer creates a barrier coating the protected surface.
• Active protection – as the zinc in combination with the electro-conductive adhesive acts as a sacrificial anode corroding instead of the protected element.

Product code | Dimension (roll) | Weight | IMPA code
AS-63/25 | 25 mm x 20 m | 0,45 kg | 673221
AS-63/50 | 50 mm x 20 m | 0,90 kg | 673522
AS-63/100 | 100 mm x 20 m | 1,80 kg | 673523

• The surface must be dry before tape application.
• Do not apply NoRust Zinc Tape when the air or metal temperate is less than 3°C (38°F) or within 3°C (5°F) of the dew point. Exposure temperature should be between -45°C and +120°C (-49°F to +248°F).
• In order to achieve an optimum functionality of the NoRust Zinc tape it is important to ensure good electric contact between two layers. For this reason it is recommended to prepare the surface by removing loose coating or loose corrosion.

Properly installed NoRust Zinc Tape offers a long time protection which in most situations will last for the lifetime of the protected object.

Zinc layer thickness: 100 µm (0,1 mm)
Adhesive layer thickness: 30 µm (0,04 mm)
Total thickness: 300 µm (0,3 mm)
Operating temperature: From -45°C to +120°C


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