Fixed fire extinguisher installation, 050824
Fixed fire extinguisher installation, 050824

Fixed fire extinguisher installation, 050824

Available in different sizes and with different surface materials. Price is a starting price.

10,00 €
Including VAT. 24 %
Delivery time 5 - 9 workdays

All materials have a hard-adhesive, self-adhesive backing sticker. 

More detailed information on the materials can be found in the PRODUCT INFORMATION menu.


A wide range of backlit AS01 IMO signs is available with the following adhesive-based backing materials. 

- Foil 0.35 mm 

- Dura-Plate 1.5 mm 

- PVC 1.0 mm 

- Aluminum 1.2 mm 

See material options 

The multi-layer structure of Dura-Plate materials protects the printing and photoluminescent layer from UV rays, seawater, mechanical damage and harsh conditions both on land and at sea. The signs are equipped with excellent adhesion properties. The self-adhesive foam of the background ensures strong adhesion to various flat and uneven surfaces. 

Our photoluminescent signs are DNV approved with MED compliant markings. This guarantees the highest quality standards for the shipping industry. They meet the following standards and regulations both on land and at sea. The products are environmentally friendly. 

- IMO Res. A.752 (18) 

- DIN 67510 

- ISO 15370: 2010 

- IEC 60092-101: 2001 


Operating temperature: -30 °C to + 65 °C (-22 ° F to + 149 °F) 

Surface preparation: Yes 

Installation method: Excellent UV resistance:> 26 

Weather resistance: Excellent 

Chemical resistance: Very good 

Seawater resistant: Yes 

Working life  (indoors): 10 years 

Working life (outdoors): 3-5 years 


Insoluble in: Organic solvents 

Decomposition: Acids, water, alkalis 

Appearance: Yellowish Specific gravity: 3.4g - 3.6g / cm³ 

Temperature resistance: -50 °C to + 250 °C 

Light waves: UV radiation, white light (all visible lights) 

Wavelength: 200-450nm 

Peak value: 520nm 

Glowing color: Yellow-green

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