G41.2 Tourist road, G412412
G41.2 Tourist road, G412412

G41.2 Tourist road, G412412

Service point signs show road users where to find various services, such as gas stations.

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G41.2 Tourist road, G412412

In sign G41.2, the unique identifier of the tourist road is used.

Traffic sign materials and standard

We use 3 mm aluminum composite or aluminum plate as basic materials. The cover film is Avery Dennison's reflective films. If the road signs are CE marked, the plate and bracket are sold as a package. The price of the bracket is €4.50/piece, sales of 2 pieces/brand, VAT 0%. The production of traffic signs is based on the standard EN 12899-1:2007. EN 12899 is a European standard that is valid in all EU countries.

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